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"Higher hygiene standards lead to dignity,
and dignity to new opportunities"

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Our goal is to help homeless people, through our initiative, to find their Ithaca. We decided to create a laundry service in order to raise the hygiene standards of the homeless, restore their self esteem and dignity and create new opportunities for them.
The mobile nature of our service allows us to maintain low costs because we are free from paying rents and similar operational costs. Moreover, we can approach and serve more homeless people and people who are often disinclined to leave their spots.
The Laundry service operates in four specific areas of the city, both discrete and well known.  Our stable weekly schedule is communicated to our beneficiaries and changes depending on the season.
Our team collects clothes from each beneficiary and orders them. The clothes are washed and then dried, before being returned.  Every wash and dry takes approximately 1 hour.

Ithaca has partnered with a number of other NGOs, which operate at our locations and provide alternate services to beneficiaries whilst they wait for their washing to finish, such as food, medical care and counselling.

Our Team

Thanos Spiliopoulos is the founder and CEO of Ithaca. Born and raised in Athens, he graduated with a bacehlor degree in Management Science and Technology from the Athens University of Economics and Business (A.U.E.B.).
Andili Rachouti is a Co-Founder of Ithaca and operates as Ithaca's graphic designer and creative director. With similar studies in AKTO college, she is responsible for the logo design and branding.
Fanis Tsonas is a Co-Founder of Ithaca and the Chief Engineer. He studied Chemical Engineering at the National and Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) and is responsible for all technical matters relating to Ithaca.
Dimitra Kountourioti is the Operations Manager for Ithaca. She graduated from Panteion University with a degree in Sociology. Prior to Ithaca, Dimitra occupied managerial roles within the private sector and she is currently responsible for the management of Ithaca's day to day operations.
Kritsotakis Petros is the driver of the mobile service and he is responsible in everyday operations to welcome and serve the beneficiaries of Ithaca.


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